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Ashburn, USA

Datacenters we are working with are created to ensure maximum stability and secured environment for hosting system.
We understand that outsourcing mission-critical IT systems involves trust and this governs the principles on which we chose the locations.


Advanced Hosters points of presence in the U.S. are located in five data centers Equinix DC1-DC5, located in the city Ashburn, Virginia.

Equinix operates International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centers in strategic metropolitan markets in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. These IBX centers serve as a reliable and secure destination for the world’s most powerful networks and companies.
Because of the area’s strategic importance as the Eastern hub of traffic exchange to the United States, Equinix’s DC metro IBX centers are one of the largest internet exchange points in the world.

Datacenter design

All database facilities have been built to exacting standards and provide a resilient environment with security, power and extensive connectivity for all your mission-critical hosting needs. The datacenter is built to the highest industry standards, offer high levels of physical and environmental resilience and protected against fire and power outage.

Fire suppression is provided by pre-action, dry pipe sprinkler system. Power supply in case of power-failure is ensured with 5-10 diesel generators 2000-2500kW each. Security systems include CCTV and Recorders, Motion Detection, Hand Geometry Readers

More details on Equinix Virginia datacenters are available here