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Terms of Use

It is strictly prohibited to host resources which can be used for:

  • Distribution of child pornography (sites using “child imagery” are also prohibited)*;
  • Distribution of all types of illegal pornography;
  • Distribution of violated copyrighted material;
  • Mass mailing of unsolicited messages (spamming);
  • Illegal distribution of pharmaceutical drugs;
  • Distribution of malicious software;
  • Illegal obtaining of personal information and hacking attempts (fishing, fraud, etc);
  • Promotion of racism, violence or drugs;
  • Scripts and/or applications for automated account creation and message posting;
  • Advertising of resources or products by the means of mass mailing or messaging, automated account creation and/or automated creation of messages on third party websites.

This list can be changed without further notice.

Your personal account information and WhoIs information must be correct. Accounts with incorrect information may be blocked until authentic information about account holder is obtained.

We reserve the right to ask for scans of legal documents to confirm identity of account holder. We are also obliged to provide accurate contact information about our client at the request of registration institutions (ICANN, etc) or any law enforcement agencies.

* Sites using “child imagery” are the sites which provide access to pictures or films that shows a sexual activity of the person who is depicted as being underage, though the model themselves is of eighteen years or older.

Terms of use
  • Since our prices and server configurations change over time, current customers may purchase only new servers with new price rates, or upgrade their existing equipment. Previously purchased servers may be completely transferred to the new price rates only by agreement with hosting manager.
  • Traffic overuse invoice must be paid no later than 10th of the next month (i.e. traffic over use for January should be paid by February 10th).
  • In the case of unjustified return of purchased server there’s no refund.
  • If the client violated our terms of use and we are forced to block the server there’s no refund.
  • If the case of the purchased server failure we will provide equal replacement or refund you for the remaining period.
  • Availability of the custom configuration servers should be checked while placing the order.
  • Any server’s configuration could be changed by agreement with hosting manager.