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Our network

Our entire networking is built with equipment from leading network solutions manufacturer CISCO.

As global uplinks for our network we use Level 3, PCCW Global, Cogent Communications, IPTP Networks;
Total uplink capacity currently exceeds 1000Gbps.

Points of Presence:

  • Germany, Frankfurt, Ancotel;
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam, NIKHEF;
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam, SARA;
  • Netherlands, Amsterdam, TelecityGroup1 (Science park);
  • United Kingdom, London, TelecityGroup (Harbour Exchange);
  • United Kingdom, London Telehouse (Docklands North);
  • France, Paris, Telehouse2 (Voltaire);
  • USA, Ashburn (VA), Equinix (DC1, DC5, DC10);
  • USA, Fremont (NY), Telx.