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Remote server administration services

If you’ve bought a server and administration isn’t provided by your host you will probably need to hire your own system admin. The main disadvantage of having your own admin is that he can’t be available 24 hour per day. If you opt for having server administration done by the team of our specialists you can be sure that at least one administrator will be at the workplace and can resolve any problems 24/7.

Our staff has been hosting and administrating server’s for over 8 years and has all the necessary knowledge and experience.

As our customer you will get access to our control panel free of charge. Its main advantage is that it DOESN’T integrate itself in your server’s operating system and DOESN’T replace any of the software running on your server. It is installed as an add-on and can be turned on and off at any time and it does not affect operation of the server unlike many other popular solutions that are replacing your server’s software, making it less flexible. Another advantage – at your request we can always add any necessary functionality.

The fee of our remote administration service is ranges from $100/month. It can be negotiated individually depending on the amount of the work. The price will be minimal if your server works with static content. If your server runs large number of scripts and require constant attention – the price will be higher.

Server setup and administration

Our administrators will configure your server to meet your wishes and will keep it functioning properly. Any required software will be installed at your request. Our administrators can also assist you with installing of the scripts.

24-hour monitoring

We monitor following parameters:

  • Server’s uptime;
  • Server’s average load;
  • Web-server availability (Apache);
  • Database server availability (SQL);
  • Swap file size and usage (swap);
  • Amount of free memory;
  • CPU usage;
  • Storage usage.

Control panel

Per your request we will install our control panel on your server. It allows you to easily manage your server and domains, configure e-mail accounts, edit Cron records, etc. You can view demo of our control panel by contacting our sales department or support department.

As for today we support the following OS:

  • FreeBSD 9.x;
  • CentOS 6.x.

Services could be added or modified depending on your requirements.

If you’re interested in remote administration services, please contact the sales departmen.