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IPMI - Hardware ability to control servers

IPMI (intelligent Platfrom Management Interface) technology - is one of the technologies, that allows you to increase uptime of the servers. It allows you to get an actual information about your server and react in the case of server hangup, incorrect firewall settings or hardware overheating. Usually technology realized as integrated motherboard controller with dedicated network adapter (providing redunduncy management system). IPMI works independently of operating system and can control system without OS, even if server is turned off, all it needs is the power supply.

Basic features:

  • Remote and local power control
  • Monitoring (temperature, voltage, fan speed and sensors)
  • Threshold setup for system parameters to control server status, and to log in case of overheating, to send email, etc.
  • Log system events.
  • Automatic responses to system events. (reboot, shutdown, memory dump, etc)
  • Watchdog - device that asks server for a periods of time, and acts if it don't get any response.
  • Remote control of server via terminal and to serial port.

Few examples:

After you got info(URL, login\pass) to access, you need to open this url in browser. You will see admin-panel:


Admin-panel is simple and intuitive. You can solve typical tasks:

  • Power control (Remote control -> Power Control)

  • Remote terminal (Remote control -> Launch Console). To get IPMI client you need to have Java installed and enabled in your browser.

  • Sensors monitoring (Server health -> Sensor Readings)

  • Events alert setup (Configuration - > Alerts -> Modify)

How to get IPMI access?

  1. You can get access to IPMI after you order server. We will provide You information how to access IPMI.
  2. If you don't have IPMI access, but you want to use it - create ticket to support, and they will give all needed information.